Sunday, April 26, 2009

20 Mile Run

Hit the trails for a long run. 2:49 (8:27 pace, ran witha friend and the footing wasn't the best for the overall and 20 degrees warmer then forecast the one day I wish it hadn't) was the time and there was some serious hillage with 2500 (manual from graph). Started to feel yesterday at abotu 15 miles so I was really happy about that. One 2.5 miler with 700 ft and a 10 percenter for a 1/2 mile before it. The good part is I pounded out a 6:13 mile on loose gravel at mile 18-19. Felt good until then and I sadi earlier I wanted to have some fun this weekend. Would have been sub six on harder gravel and definately on pavement. I wonder if I will feel it tomorrow or not. Don't have time for much until after 7pm and my day starts at 5 already so we will have to see. Should get at least 30 on the bike in.

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