Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sweet Action Brick

Too nice today to do anything but both bike and run. My legs were feeling yesterday when I was warming up for my 9.45 mile TT (from my house I can get this distance, the route is super hard with elav loss and wind at back on the way out so I would need a full 30 min warmup to nail this course). Anway here is the data

9.45 miles @ 24.3mph, cad 83, HR 157 avg. 13 minutes was Zone 4 though, just needed more warm up to ramp higher.

2:40 transition included the apartment parking lot and locking garage door twice so I was thrilled about that.

Run 3 miles in 18:45 (6:13 pace) 6:10, 6:13, 6:17 but the last mile had a net elavation gain so I could have a cool down. Avg HR was 165 and I felt pretty good and could have held 6:20's for at least a 10k.

After this week and my lack of biking I was pretty please with this workout considering all the fatigue. I really need to focus on the bike now bc ti is just sitting there waiting to get back to near where I was. I was also a low weight for the year and this is ussually a bad sign for a workout so another plus there.

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