Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Update

Yesterday I found out I was missing two chainring bolts while powering up a 1/2 mile 11% grade (actual) on the cross bike so I had to quit and come home and then it was late and was dressed all wrong for anything else. Oh well Mon and Wed have this problem for only 4 more days.

Today hit the hills. GPS said 9.35 but I am putting 10 in the log for fatigue reasons and time bc this is what I use the log for. At least what the fatigue should be. There was 1400 feet of elavation so that is why I do this. Mountains make training science a little more artistic. I think thats why triathlon is so intriguing bc of the creativity allowed in training and planning. Racing becomes more scientific but also tremendously emotional in one way or another.

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