Friday, April 3, 2009

Brick with Run Emphasis

After yesterday's easy but hilly 8 mile run I wanted to try and get some endurance work in. I hit the trainer for 17.6 miles in 1:00:00 and then got off for a 16.5 mile run in 2:12:00. Avg was 7:59 for the 16 with a HR of 144. I feel like this workout let me know where my run endurance stands without over stressing the body as I loose weight and build the mileage back up to at least 40 a week. The workout was actually fairly easy until about a little before the 3 hour mark where I just got hungry. This is a mental workout for me to test fatigue and a perfect endurance workout where you try and figure out when it starts to get hard so you can adjust your subsequent workouts.

In other news I was at about 172 pounds for my last 1/2 marathon and I am down 4 pounds since then and I am starting to feel a little more like a runner again.

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