Monday, April 13, 2009

8 weeks

I have 8 weeks of real training left before the taper for Kansas. I am starting to think of a checklist of things i need to complete.

1. 40mile/8mile brick at race pace.
2. Five rides over 75miles.
3. Swim twice per week until then.

General things I want to do. Keep my run mileage up over 40 from here on in with at least 3 weeks at 50. I need to focus on getting my biking back and taking advantage of the good days outside.

Gotta start to focus back on nutrition and at work it will only be about the banana mango smoothies and plain coffee f I need it.

Man today was rough. Just felt very exhausted all day and pretty much binge ate after getting off work until now. Think it is just life and the baby catching up. I need to be OK with that at least one day a week.

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