Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brick Again and a swim

Swam yesterday. Got in 1300 yards with a 1:16 hundred which takes 5 seconds off my PR and for some reason this has been a good indicator of my swimming since I know I can always pounds out a hundred as fast as I can on demand. Don't know how fast it will be but mentally I can hit it the same each time. Did a hard 50 in about 36 right before is what gave me the idea to try it again. Think I will be reading in time for KS

Today I spent an hour on the trainer with 3 one minute intervals and some steady riding outside of that. The intervals where 29.0@141cad84, 30.9@142cad85, 30.8@144cad90. I needed the four minute rest after the second and third ones. These are where you can feel if you have the legs under you. Hopped off the bike for a 6.7 mile hilly run with one mid Zone Four, 5 minute hill in the middle. Had some steady running in there as well. Felt surprisingly well after 1:45:00 of work. Need to get a long ride in tomorrow to really make it count.

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