Friday, April 17, 2009

Almost 4 hours on the Tri Bike

Went back out on the ride out towards the Swan Valley again a little easier and farther. WEnt 75 miles in 3:28:00 with a 19.8 avg minus just the cooldown and a HR avg of 125 which is 7 beats lower then last ride out this way. Right around 3000 feet of elevation gain which is mostly all done in the first 40 miles and then the rest of the way is into the wind. This is why harldy anyone trains here. It can be a mental and physical nightmare esp with the severly changing winds. I didn't bring enough food (left it sitting there) so had to pound a king sized Mounds bar and some fig newtons after the gas station halfway btu it took a while to catch up. My body hurt a little bit and my neck still sucks. Gonna concentrate on some intervals for the next two weeks now I think.

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