Friday, April 10, 2009

70 mile Power Ride

Got outside today and killed it for 70 miles in Zone 2 with 22 minutes under. Kept a lower cadence and rocked a 21.9 avg before the cooldown. Felt awesome until about 2:35:00 in when I was just hungry and my neck was sore. That's something that just takes time. I tried to keep the gear a little too hard as to really stress my muscles as opposed to the muscle of the heart. This was the workout I was looking for. Almost 3000 ft elav change as well. a hill of 440 ft in 2.9 miles avg was 16.6 so even the slow wasnt too bad.

I think that I can get the bike back by the end of the month and really tweak it before KS so I can run afterwards. Gonna all be in the taper at this point and that feels good.

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