Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Track again

Mile repeats tonight. Cooler again. Felt cold during the first one (5:50, 5:39, 5:40, then 5:35 but I went out in 73 (was wanting 2:30 for 800 but the 2 "rabbits" were to fast for me) just to simulate the hurt of a race and trying to pull back and then push again. This was planned after reading all the NO race reports from both amatuers and pros alike. Seemed like a good time to do this bc I still had the motivation to beat the guys I ran slightly ahead of in the other laps. Total mileage 11.5.

Tonight marks the night I start the work for KS. My friend from track (4:09 HIM PR) is also starting now for Boise the same weekend and we are gonna help each other (If I can on the bike that is) Should be a brutal 8 weeks. WooHoo. I have enough base to crank this race out so I am not going to hold back training and really kick up everything that I can.

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